Whether we’re whiteboarding or prototyping, our wireframes help teams get aligned.

Wireframes are bare-bones blueprints of the screens and flows that make up a site or application. They help teams quickly agree on the vision for an experience. At Slide UX, we use wireframes to represent the required elements, relative priority, interactions, patterns, and screen templates as the work moves through visual design and development.

The team at Slide UX brings a great mix of experience, all focused on understanding and providing impactful solutions. They excel at taking the conceptual and making it real through rock-solid process and highly-detailed documentation.
Scott Lindenberger, Executive Producer at T3

Our wireframes normally don’t include visual design or final copy, although they do sometimes include representative UI copy. They can specify the content management system that powers a site or application, which is where the real content will live.

And depending on the needs of a project, our wireframes may be converted into annotated functional specifications or interactive prototypes, used to elicit user reactions early in the process or even to sell a concept to executives, investors, or potential customers.

Axure and Other Tools for Wireframing

Our team is experienced with a wide range of tools. Axure, a powerful professional-grade wireframing & prototyping tool, is our specialty, but we also use Omnigraffle, PowerPoint, and often pen and paper to quickly get our thoughts our quickly.

Interested in doing it yourself? By popular demand, we also offer Axure coaching to get you started.

Let's map out a plan

Reach out. We'll discuss your long- and short-term goals, work you've already done, and work that remains. You can specify your budget range and timelines. Then based on all of these factors, we'll propose a scope of work and schedule to match.