A few months ago, we created custom Bootstrap 3 grid templates to use with a variety of design applications. You can see them here. Our good friends over at InVision even promoted the templates on their blog and newsletter.

Since then, we've received requests to add a Photoshop CC file. We're happy to say the wait is over. Enjoy!


Who is Slide UX?

We're an Austin-based user-centered design firm founded to support the product teams and marketers who want to be sure their sites and mobile applications are useful, usable, good-looking, and optimized.

Our focus is on user interface design - iterative wireframing, rapid prototyping, and visual design - but we often begin a lot earlier, with generative user research, persona development, requirements definition, experience mapping, and information architecture. And we hang around to clean up the job with tasks like pattern library development, usability testing, and conversion optimization.

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